Tablecloth Jacquard stain resistant

Table cloth polyester jacquard 100% treatment of teflon

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Table cloth polyester jacquard 100% treatment, teflon stain resistant, design damask, classic.Excellent investment for those who want to fine-tune the appearance of your room without sacrificing the elegance; recently, some studies have found that the linen cloth is much more economical and environment-friendly compared with the much loved disposable, and therefore I invite you to read the article presented in our images.

Sizes available:

Napkins cm 45x45 € 1.80 (including VAT)

Table-cloth guards cm 70x70 € 2.50 (VAT included)

Table-cloth guards cm 100x100 € 6.00 (VAT included)

Tablecloth cm 140x140 € 11.30 (including VAT)

Tablecloth cm 180x140 € 13.10 (VAT included)

Tablecloth cm 200x200 € 21.70 (inc VAT)

Tablecloth cm 220x220 € 22.40 (tax included)

Tablecloth cm 220x500 € 55.60 (VAT included)

Tablecloth cm 220x800 € 68.10 (VAT included)

Tablecloth ø D240 (round) € 36.10 (inc VAT)

Tablecloth ø D280 (round) € 49.80 (inc VAT)

Tablecloth ø D320 (round) for € 57.70 (VAT included)

On request it is possible to have the tablecloths out of measure, the applicant will need to provide us with the measurements of the tables to cover, it is required that a minimum quantity of 10 pieces per color, advance payment by bank transfer equal to 30% of the total amount in the case of a request for payment on delivery,prices are subject to change due to the additional processes, will be agreed with you before the confirmation of the actual order.Average waiting time is 15-20 working days.



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