Jacket Chef Linen Double-Breasted

Jacket Chef fabric 100% Linen

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Jacket cook, sheer fabric 100% linen ,the classic model with button placket, removable for ease of washing and ironing; an innovation in the field of the kitchen, the linen is always one of the fabrics most popular for centuries for its multiple properties:

Linen fabrics are hygienic:
This is an important feature of the fabric is explained by the ability of the fibers to destroy the miclofora pathogenic.

Linen fabrics are hygroscopic
The linen has the power to absorb the humidity. The hygroscopic properties of flax make it the best material for summer clothing,by absorbing moisture, doesn't stick to the skin, creating a sense of well-being because the body breathes.

Linen fabrics regulate the heat exchange
In the presence of high temperatures, it is always better to wear natural fabrics that allow the passage of air.

Linen fabrics neutralize odors
Features antiseptic and hygroscopic properties of flax
make sure that they will not promote the spread of unpleasant smells.

Linen fabrics are strong and durable
The linen is a natural fiber of plant origin and its natural features are such as to make it very robust and not subject to natural degradation.

Ottimo prodotto consigliatissimo!! Ideale per l'estate.

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